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Guitarist, Singer Songwriter.



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I was born and raised in Mt. Clemens Mi, approximately 30 miles north of Detroit city. It was a great place to be raised when it came to music. and radio stations and concerts were such a big influence on anyone who lived in the Detroit area. I started playing music at a young age, and when I was 8 years old I was sitting in with bands and learning what it meant to be a musician. At age16 I was the guitarist for Sonny Freeman (BB Kings Drummer). Playing in that band was a real education and was exactly what I was looking for. I developed a real appreciation for the blues. Soon after I relocated to California. I landed in the Modesto because I had family members in the area. I realized San Francisco was the place to be for my music career. While living in the Bay area I was playing gigs and doing session work with so many great musicians. I also did session work for MCA records in Los angeles for a while. As time passed I decided to start a family and moved back to the valley. Playing in various groups around the area and still expanding my bay area connections, I have been going full force since then. I Play live shows and own and operate a music production studio. I release music for myself as a indie artist and I produce music for all media. I released two CDs under my own record label, Titled “barretta and I’m not satisfied.” Some of the tracks from these CDs were featured on the Young and the Restless and other shows as well. Currently I am working on my own music and producing music for all media. I produce music commercials for the local radio stations and currently writing music for TV. There are two sides to this site: The Artist side, and the production music side. You can listen to full versions of my music for free. Give me a shout out on the web on all the usual sites. You can purchase my music too. Just go to ITunes. Thank you for all your support on the web, and please enjoy the music. I have a great band too, and I am very interested when it comes to opportunities to play live. Thank you.

The Gallo Center

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The Gallo Center for the arts.

The Gallo Center is pleased to present,

The Joe Barretta Band

February 8th at 8:00pm

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