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Guitarist, Singer Songwriter.


I was born and raised in Mt. Clemens MI. living just 30 miles north of Detroit was a great place for me to be raised when it came to music. The radio stations and concerts were such a big influence on everyone who lived in the Detroit area. I started playing at an early age. My dad was friends with the Mitch Ryders band, (Devil with the blue dress). Some would come over and have dinner with us. They told my father to get me a better guitar because I was pretty good. I started learning everything by ear and that was it man. I started getting real paying gigs all throughout high school. I played gigs in and around Detroit for years. I started playing with Sonny Freeman, and Sonny was BB Kings drummer throughout his earlier career. It was such a honor to play along side of Sonny freeman. Shortly after I moved to California, Shortly after arriving to California I played gigs with some of the greatest bluesmen. For example: Gatemouth Brown, Sonny Terry and Brownie Mcghee, Charie Musselwhite, John Hammond to name a few. Then I started getting calls for more session work in the SF Bay area. It was a real education working on all those sessions. I learned what not to play and get inside the part that your playing. Currently I am working on my own music and producing music for all media. I produce music commercials for the local radio stations and currently writing music for TV. There are two sides to this site: The Artist side, and the production music side. You can listen to full versions of my music for free. Give me a shout out on the web on all the usual sites. You can purchase my music too. Just go to ITunes. Thank you for all your support on the web, and please enjoy the music. I have a great band too, and I am very interested when it comes to opportunities to play live. Thank you.


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